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62BE | 3.5T/4.2T/5.0T Two Post Lift with APS technology

  • Base Plate type for low ceiling workshops and garages 
  • With APS technology 
  • 1900mm lifting height 
  • 3500kg/4200kg/5000kg lifting capacity 
  • Durable cylinders in each column carry with anti-surge valves
  • Screw-up lifting pads with clearance height less than 100mm
  • 3-stage short arm and 2-stage long arm(62B 3.5T/4.2T)
  • More flexible three stage arms(62B 5.0T)
  • The arm locks engage and disengage automatically
  • Standard aluminum motor avoids overheating and ensures long service life
  • Durable powder coating
  • Standard door protection pads to prevent possible damage when open the door without caution 
  • Standard column curtain
  • Pre-fixed hydraulic pressure prevents overloading operation
  • ABS control box with rubber gasket sealing 
  • CE certificated