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  • LCD Automatic tyre changer for cars and light commercial vehicles, suitable for low profile and run flat tyre as well as for sport alloy rims
  • Smart Rim capacity form 12” to 26”
  • Pneumatic control for up/down operating mounting head
  • A pneumatic system which raises the arm, the column can be lifted higher enabling this way to operate on wheels of 15” width
  • Pneumatic tilting column by pedal control
  • The bead breaker offers two different positions in order to facilitate the bead-breaking operation on wheels of all diameters
  • Double acting bead breaker cylinder
  • Equipped with the special built in device for tubeless inflation, pedal operated, with air tank
  • Inverter technology for variable rotation speed, controlled by the pedal
  • Plastic protection on the mounting head, jaws and bead breaker blade to prevent damage to alloy rims
  • Easy maintenance

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