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Krömer X10 Mid Rise Scissor Lift

German engineered single phase mid rise scissor lift capable of lifting 3000kg up to 1000m high.

The perfect lift for tyre changing, panel repairs and basic work under your car.

The mid-rise mobile scissor lift is strong, sturdy and fully mobile. So, you can move it wherever you need to work on your car. It takes up minimal space whilst giving you maximum convenience.

Simply drive over, place the rubber pads provided under the jacking points, and lift. The mid-rise lifts to maximum height in just 30 seconds. So, you can get to work straightaway, removing the wheels, working underneath your car or repairing the panels.

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High Elevation, Low Profile For Complete Convenience

Car detailers, restorers, body shops and mechanics love the mid-rise mobile scissor lift. The ultra-low profile of just 110mm when closed, means storage is not an issue. And it means most cars can drive onto it without the use of ramps.

The strong 3000kg lifting capacity and 1000mm lifting height make it suitable for most vehicles. And because there is no cross stay interconnecting the drive-ways, you can also carry out basic work under your car, quickly and conveniently.

Having one eccentric cam at each hydraulic piston means the mid-rise lift can lift a car with rock hard suspension. Or it can lower the lift with a car without wheels to the floor. Helping to give you a fast, stress-free repair or upgrade to your car.

If you need to get your car up to a workable height but don’t have the ability to get it to full standing height, this is the lift for you.